Audio Journalism-Chapter 7 Mark Briggs

2 03 2011

Podcasts used to be an unknown feature on iTunes, but has now escalated into one of the most powerful tools an online journalist can use. Briggs explains how you can create full-featured segments that imitate radio episodes and post them on your blog for your followers.

  • Audio Journalism is the next big thing for journalism because it lets you add layers to any story . The editing can be as complicated as you want it to be. Audio can help you build a multidimensional  story by:
  1. Presence: The reporter can bring the reader to the scene, and the simple fact of being there boosts credibility.
  2. Emotions: The tone of your voice, along with your pauses and intonations, can enhance the story.
  3. Atmosphere: The natural sound from the scene pulls the reader in closer.
  • Podcasts are pre-recorded audio program that is posted to a website. While they are time consuming, as you should update regularly, it’s great for building an audience on a particular subject.
  • NPR or National Public Radio is the biggest online audio journalism site today, and its success comes from the reporters. They bring familiarity and engage their listeners.

*Lots of major news sites are jumping on the audio clip bandwagon: CNN, BBC, Fox News and The New York Times.

*Want tips on starting a podcast? Click HERE.